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Freeh report faults joe paterno and other penn state representatives Philadelphia joe paterno and other top penn state officials hushed up child sex abuse allegations against jerry sandusky more than about ten years ago for fear of bad publicity, allowing the former assistant football coach to prey on other children, in a scathing report issued today on the scandal. "Our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the security and welfare of sandusky's child victims by the most senior leaders at penn state, said former fbi home louis freeh, who was hired by university trustees to look into what became one of sports' biggest scandals. "The strongest men at penn state failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who sandusky victimized, After an eight month investigating procedure, freeh's firm produced a 267 page report that figured that the hall of fame coach, ceo graham spanier, athletic director tim curley and vice chairman gary schultz"Repeatedly concealed critical facts having to do with sandusky's child abuse, Paterno"Was a fundamental portion of this active decision to conceal"And his firing was warranted, freeh said at a news expo.He known as the officials' disregard for child victims"Callous and alarming, Excerpts the particular freeh report: Penn state officials' emails offer evidence of school's failure to Pandora Bracelets do this Top officials at penn state hid key facts in sandusky scrutiny to avoid bad press Listening to sandusky abuse, penn state vp asked 'is this starting of pandora's box, After sandusky admitted that he bathed with kids in '98, criminal closed case Penn state us web design manager came down hard on sports agent, but am not sandusky Paterno died before he could get involved in sandusky investigation, blurry what he knew Free ground-Breaking credit experience:In university's athletic program, office staff feared paterno Freeh documentation:Lack of oversight by penn state http://www.vibel.co.uk/ board of trustees the culprit in jerry sandusky scandal Sandusky is awaiting sentencing after being in prison for 45 criminal counts for abusing 10 boys.The scandal led within ouster of paterno and spanier.Curley and schultz are awaiting trial on charges accusing them of lying to a grand jury and neglecting to report abuse.They have pleaded simple. Asked whether or not the officials' actions amounted to a crime such as conspiracy or obstruction, freeh said that has to be up to a grand jury. School market commanders"Empowered sandusky to attract potential victims to the campus and football events by permitting him to have continued, unrestricted and not being watched access"To campus and to marketer with the football program, the guide said.The internet reach, the report claims,"Provided sandusky with the very currency that enabled him to draw in his victims, Freeh said officials had alternatives in 1998 and 2001 to step in. Sexual abuse has been prevented if university officials had banned sandusky from bringing children onto campus after a 1998 inquiry, the send out said.Despite their perception of the police probe into sandusky showering with a boy in a football locker room, spanier, paterno, curley and schultz took no action to limit his gain to enjoy campus, the insist said. The may 1998 complaint by a woman whose son came home with wet hair after showering with sandusky didn't result in charges back then. "There's more red flags here than you could count over a long time, freeh exclaimed. In an announcement, paterno's family said the longtime coach made mistakes that he recognised Pandora Murano Glass Beads but"Never interfered with any examination"And was hoodwinked by sandusky. "The thought that any sane, responsible adult would knowingly cover up for a child predator doesn't seem possible to accept.The far more realistic conclusion is that many people didn't grasp what was happening and underestimated or misinterpreted events, the survey said. "If joe paterno had grasped what sandusky was, a fear of bad publicity wouldn't have factored into his actions, Should penn state pack up the joe paterno statue on campus? Defensive strategy lawyer caroline roberto, who shows curley, was reading the report and had no fast comment, based on a spokeswoman.Posts were left for schultz's lawyers. Spanier's lawyers issued a statement proclaiming that freeh's conclusion that the president actively concealed wrongdoing"Is simply not sustained by the facts or by the report itself, they said spanier never concealed anything from police and was never contacted by police about sandusky's criminal acts until last year. Karen peetz, the chairwoman of penn state board of trustees, said the panel claims paterno's"61 years of fine service to the university is now marred"By the scandal and how he handled the allegations. Peetz also said the deck"Accepts full accountability for the failures that occurred, but that no board members may well stepping down.