Booze and broads' in las vegas Rowdy former las vegas mayor oscar goodman, who is outspoken in his love of fun and a good, dry gin martini(Hold the olive because it leaves more room in the glass for gin, he says), is the face of a new steakhouse in Vegas that's due to open in midDecember. Oscar's steakhouse will be in the newly renovated plaza hotel and casino downtown(Goodman, whose wife is now mayor because he'd reached his term limit, was a force in the renaissance of downtown vegas).The hotel also hosts a new"Swingers club"Where patrons can play miniature golf.See my story on that here. The plaza hotel website says that"The decor of oscar's will be glamorous and uniquely las vegas, incorporating memorabilia from goodman's 12year tenure as mayor and classic photographs of las vegas over the years.The new fine dining restaurant will serve dinner nightly in addition to a sunday brunch. "The memorabilia alone might be worth a visit, as Louis Vuitton Scarves goodman's office used to hold gifts from various alleged mafia members he repped as an attorney, signed photos with most any star you can think of who visited vegas, a throne where he sat behind his mayoral desk and more. Related:Jimmy buffett's vegas casino wins biggest margarita record Also see:Top five Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags buffets in vegas The ap story says oscar's will have attractive hostesses Louis Vuitton UK Sale who'll talk with diners"About topics like sports, wine and politics. "They will even eat and drink with guests, he says. (Vegas geishas? ) "I want everyone to feel very comfortable,"Goodman told the ap.Firms from holding incentive and other gatherings in vegas after the aig company ran up huge tabs at a california resort after a federal bailout.Here's what he said in 2009: "You can't get corporate jets, you can't go take a trip to las vegas or go down to the super bowl on the taxpayer's dime. " Goodman has always promoted the"Sin city"Image, whether swilling martinis at the newest bar or posing with showgirls all over town.When i interviewed him in his office, he proudly showed me a sofa"Where i lie down when i've had too much to drink. "You rarely see such candor in a public official.