Family feud practices mall glass To be able to newington police complaints, williams passed through the mall dec.8 and used a claw hammer to smash 12 foot plate glass windows at the foregoing stores:Babies, the controlled, sleep number and american candle.He is also charged with using the hammer to smash glass displays at the kay, zales and pandora expensive charms stores. Newington police force capt.Brian newcomer revealed the alleged mall crimes as"A real volatile phenomenon"That since"Men and women thought they were being robbed and others thought there were gunshots, police said williams was speaking incoherently in the hammer rampage, but was accommodating and polite while taken into custody. Employed a lawyer by attorney anthony naro, williams was granted choice by the city court on thursday to have his case continued until jan.31 so he can undergo the responses.After the court, several law enforcement officers were dispatched to a senior center adjacent the courthouse where williams' relatives began shouting at each other.Someone this senior center called 911, while police sonata recall the arguing relatives.No one was rotting in jail, say court. Williams is arraigned with seven felonies for the alleged mall rage, which his woman, flower williams, identified as her son"Protesting for help, at a dec.9 arraignment in the Exeter signal court, Rose Williams told Judge David LeFrancois her son had just been released from a psychological hospital and"Would need help, Assess lefrancois cited"An important community safety Tiffany: issue"When configuring $10, 000 cash money bail. Hours ahead of when his arrest at the newington mall, williams was arrested in somersworth after he smashed a glass display case together along regarding his hand at a muffler shop, in that case, proceeded to rearrange the furnishings, break a hardly any chairs and shoved a store manager, said criminal arrest capt.Russ timmons. Appearing as part of 2007, williams threw a vase at a window inside of portsmouth c bus terminal, knocked subjects off a ticket counter, damaged a coffee section, pushed over an atm and pulled a fire alarm on his way on their way.He was charged for criminal mischief and false fire alarm, was fined and given a dangling jail sentence.